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Core business

People around the world increasingly communicate in English, both internally and to outside audiences. And, often, that's a problem. How can they be expected to express themselves as well as they do in their own language?

At Michael Gould Associates we help organizations based in the Netherlands that operate across borders to enhance the effectiveness of their corporate and marketing communication.

We’re consultants who specialize in academia, business, science, communication, and culture, drawing on many years of writing, editing, and training experience. We help various clients, including leading companies and research institutes, communicate effectively through policy documents, (annual) reports, magazines, and brochures. We also coach executives and others who work internationally.

We use our communication skills and cross-cultural expertise to increase the impact of clients’ presentations, reports, and corporate documents. We work closely with graphic designers who share our commitment to clear, well-targeted communication.

Enhancing skills

We help PhD students increase their communication effectiveness in English through editing and courses in academic writing, presentation, and cross-cultural skills.

Translation & editing

We provide translations that read as if they were written in the target language. We edit a wide variety of papers, books, and reports, enhancing their clarity and readability.

Marketing communication and PR

We write press releases, marketing material and multimedia texts. We highlight key benefits, helping you find the right tone of voice – consistent with your brand – and articulating clear arguments that will appeal to defined target audiences.

Journalism & editorial support

We edit and write articles for company magazines, translate, and edit books and theses, and advise on publications. We help you tell your story clearly, concisely, and consistently. We edited ‘Affiche’ – a highly regarded magazine on posters, billboards & signs worldwide.

Copywriting & consultancy

We develop concepts, write, edit, and finalize brochures, and we write text for annual reports, speeches, and websites.

Our approach

Onze stelling (in het nederlands) is als volgt: in de schriftelijke communicatie zijn de Nederlanders vaak veel te stijf en te formeel. Dat is een frappante tegenstelling: mondeling bot, schriftelijk formeel. Daarom adviseren wij klanten de principes in de Cluetrain Manifesto te raadplegen (Google: Cluetrain). Zij hanteren 95 stellingen waarin het gaat om de dialoog en om de mensen: open en natuurlijk. Dat missen wij in veel schriftelijke communicatie in Nederland. Wij bedienen zowel grote als kleine bedrijven en organisaties in Nederland met engelstalige communicatie.


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